“Vertigo is the conflict between the fear of falling and the desire to fall.”
- Salman Rushdie

Pronunciation [vur-ti-goh].
1. dizzying sensation of tilting within stable surroundings or of being in tilting or spinning surroundings.

The makers of Gravity Hills wines feel that there is no comparable pleasure to drinking a crisp bottle of white wine outdoors on a warm evening. And this particular wine was created precisely for that purpose. We chose Chenin Blanc because we wanted a fiesty wine with some snap and verve. Choosing the Delta region for our grapes made ultimate sense because nowhere else in California does Chenin show such refinement. We added Riesling for it's lovely, elusive perfume and wow, suddenly we had exactly the wine we wanted. You will see that Vertigo Chenin-Riesling is so fresh and quaffable that you will polish off the bottle before you know it. And then, friends, you might think you have vertigo yourself.


2010 Gravity Hills Chenin-Riesling:
$9.99 per bottle, 20% discount on full case purchases

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